Learn how to do Journal Writing for Mindfulness

Explore 3 different journal writing techniques to expand your personal & spiritual growth

Course curriculum

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    WEEK 1: PERSONAL JOURNAL WRITING - Learn how to clearly recount your day and begin to immerse yourself in your new daily mindset exercise routine

    • Intro (3 mins)

    • Day One: What Makes You Feel Good (1 min)

    • Day Two: Recount of Your Day (1 min)

    • Day Three: Relaxation (1 min)

    • Day Four: Dealing With Others (1 min)

    • Day Five: Career and Business (1 min)

    • Day Six: Current Relationships (1 min)

    • Day Seven: Growth and Development (1 min)

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    WEEK 2: APPRECIATION JOURNAL WRITING - Learn how to identify the positive in your existence and use it to move forward in life

    • Intro (1 min)

    • Day Eight: Laughter and Joy (1 min)

    • Day Nine: Mentors (1 min)

    • Day Ten: Tools and Technology (1 min)

    • Day Eleven: Meals and Diet (1 min)

    • Day Twelve: The Future (1 min)

    • Day Thirteen: Friendship Circles (1 min)

    • Day Fourteen: Appreciation (1 min)

  • 4

    WEEK 3: WISDOM JOURNAL WRITING - Learn how to connect with your inner self to create a free form writing style that will guide you

    • Intro (4 mins)

    • Day Fifteen: The Next Chapter (3 mins)

    • Day Sixteen: Timing (3 mins)

    • Day Seventeen: Deeper Dive (3 mins)

    • Day Eighteen: Your Mission (2 mins)

    • Day Nineteen: Peacefulness (2 mins)

    • Day Twenty: Alignment (2 mins)

    • Day Twenty-One: Helping Others (7 mins)

  • 5

    Bonus Content!

    • Release Unworthiness (10 mins)

    • Embrace the Divine (20 mins)

    • Healing Meditation (15 mins)

What we will cover...

The essentials of journal writing and how to create a healthy mindset and habits is just the beginning

  • How to overcome negative beliefs and thought patterns

  • Exactly what techniques I use for personal, appreciation and wisdom journal writing

  • Figure out what your next steps in life are

  • Tips and tools to help connect with your intuition more

  • How to refine your journal writing techniques

  • What will make the biggest difference to uncover answers for yourself

  • The tools I use to remove distractions and focus my attention

  • How I transformed and learned how to clearly identify my feelings


  • Will there be live calls?

    This course is pre-recorded and ready for you to watch and use straight away! This course will be available to you for at least 12 months after purchase.

  • What is the refund policy?

    This programme does not offer a refund.

  • What currency is this course sold in?

    Courses are in Australian Dollars.