Attention ladies

Have you had so many knock backs, failures and rejections that you now feel unworthy?

Soul Surrender is a 3.5 months One on One experience for Women who need to come back to the place of feeling good enough so that they can accomplish what they came here to do
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Here's how the program breaks down

I created Soul Surrender for you!

To live a fascinating life, you need to be fascinated by life itself. It’s beautiful synchronicities. The knowing that you have a purpose and a soul guiding you every step of the way

So, what is Soul Surrender anyways? Soul Surrender is a 3.5 months One on One online experience that shows you how to let go of deeply rooted limiting past experiences that are holding you back from being successful. Each client will get over 6 hours of One on One sessions, including 2 powerful 90 minute regression hypnotherapy sessions with me

By the end of the program,

you will...

  • Have empowering new beliefs and understand the importance of aligning your energy centers

  • Be able to allow yourself to live the life that you desire

  • Take daily and permanent action to create change

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

The issue is

Your inner critic keeps getting louder and louder each day

That means knowing about your mind, energy centers and the connection it has to your is the BEST WAY for you to personally tap into where you may need to focus your attention to regain your energy and rush any negative self talk

I'll show you a way to change your thoughts so that you become more confident

Create a permanent and regular habits with your subconscious mind and your soul

And finally start living up to your highest self

Are you a perfect fit?

If any of these sound like you, keep reading, because you are exactly where you need to be

  • Needing to overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Needing to change your disempowering beliefs

  • You're being called to show up in the world with remarkable confidence

If you're ready to uncover the root cause to your fear and self doubt

Now is the time to get started!

Master self love, tap into you inner power, have clear and healthy boundaries and become extremely effective at achieving your goals

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back

You may be asking yourself...

  • What can this course help with?

    If you’ve had enough of low self esteem blocking you from having the life you deserve and you’re now wanting to tune into your intuition, then Soul Surrender is for you! I help women change habits to create a more abundant life, relieve people from lack of self esteem and self worth, and help you connect to your own inner guide so that you can heal and step into your power and be free from limiting beliefs, habits and fears

  • How do I book the 1:1 Sessions?

    Each fortnight you will be provided with a link for you to book your One on One sessions. The first Hypnotherapy session will occur during Module 2 and the second session will be during Module 5. You will be prompted and provided with links to book these sessions.

  • How long will the course take?

    Including bonuses, the entire experience will take 3.5 months. Each module will be released each fortnight so you can take your time to implement the tools and techniques you will be learning and allow it to integrate into your life. Soul Surrender is like a software upgrade for your life. Effective and tailored to you. By the end of the course you will feel amazing and totally different, knowing that you are able to master the present moment and at the same time feel excited for your future