Suzanne Burton is a previous Yoga studio owner & yoga teacher. Currently a mindfulness contributor through her blog 'Rookie Life' and also a student of Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy

Suzie's courses are now available to download

These courses are for you

if you want to

  • Incorporate a writing practice into your daily self care rituals

  • Cultivate your emotional intelligence

  • Seek inner peace and clarity

  • Clarify what you want in life and motivate yourself into action

  • Settle your thoughts

  • Acquire wisdom through self reflection

  • Pursue personal growth and creativity

  • Sharpen your recall skills

  • Foster self awareness and align your life to your values system


Mindfulness Contributor

Suzanne Burton

She is confident and has achieved worldly success She has the loving family, the career, the home, but knows there’s a piece missing The piece is her soul and being able to connect with it She is now ready to invest in herself and begins to make wise decisions in life to create more space for soul connection and soul studies She is looking for a way that is easy, practical and will get results She is joyful and gives goals her all When she is connected with her soul, she knows that she is powerful beyond measure She knows that she has a hidden potential and wants to lean into this more Abundance flows through all aspects of her life She loves to learn and be around people that light up her soul Overall, She is a passionate student of life

What we will cover

  • How I transformed and learned how to clearly identify my feelings

  • Exactly what techniques I use for personal, appreciation and wisdom journal writing

  • Figure out what your next steps in life are by being clearly connected with your feelings

  • Tips and tricks to help connect with your intuition more

  • How to refine your journal writing techniques

  • What will make the biggest difference to uncover answers for yourself

  • The tools I use to remove distractions and focus my attention