Give me 3 weeks and I'll take you from inconsistent journal writing

to a deeper inner knowing of your own self through having a daily and consistent mindfulness practice that you will look forward to each day!

This course is for you

if you want to

  • Incorporate a writing practice into your daily self care rituals

  • Cultivate your emotional intelligence

  • Seek inner peace and clarity

  • Clarify what you want in life and motivate yourself into action

  • Settle your thoughts

  • Acquire wisdom through self reflection

  • Pursue personal growth and creativity

  • Encourage your mind to recall on your memory

  • Foster self awareness and align your life to your values system


Mindfulness Contributor

Suzanne Burton

As a child I would keep a diary and write about my day to day occurrences. My diary entries often started with: 'Dear Diary, Today so and so picked on me and I didn't like it' (that kind of thing). I somehow found it grounding, being able to have a place where I could keep all of my deepest secrets, desires, dreams, disappointments and setbacks. As I grew up to be a busy, young lady journal writing fell to the way side and so did my self care. A few years ago I found myself desperately seeking for a solid self care routine as my mindset and motivation began to diminish as a struggling, small business owner. I began to turn back to my journal writing and somehow found a new form of writing: A mixture of appreciation journal writing and a free form type of writing where I allow my soul to speak to me through the power of words. I found it to be quite natural and shared it among friends. From there the curiosity has grown and I thought the easiest and most accessible way for people to learn this useful method is through an an e-course. So voila! I know that this course will open many doors for you in the way of relationships, money, business, career as well as personal development. I'm excited for you!

What we will cover

  • How I transformed and learned how to clearly identify my feelings

  • Exactly what techniques I use for personal, appreciation and wisdom journal writing

  • Figure out what your next steps in life are by being clearly connected with your feelings

  • Tips and tricks to help connect with your intuition more

  • How to refine your journal writing techniques

  • What will make the biggest difference to uncover answers for yourself

  • The tools I use to remove distractions and focus my attention

Bonus material

3 Guided Meditation Recordings

  • Release Unworthiness Meditation

    Join me by listening to this practical and inspiring meditation during your 3 week journey

  • Embrace The Divine Meditation

    Start your day with this powerful meditation to create that connection with the divine within you

  • Self Healing Meditation

    Assist your body to relax and reduce stress by using profound breathing techniques