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Guided Meditations

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    Release Unworthiness: A meditation to increase self love, self worth and self esteem

    • Release Unworthiness Meditation

  • 3

    Embrace the Divine: This is a powerful meditation to start your day by connecting with the Divine within you

    • Embrace the Divine Meditation

  • 4

    Self Healing: This meditation will begin by assisting you to relax and prepare for healing.

    • Self Healing Meditation

4 Guided Meditations

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  • What format are the meditations in?

    All meditations can be downloaded as an mp3

  • How long will I have access to the meditations?

    Once you download the meditations, they are yours to keep.

  • Are these the same meditations as in 21 Days of an Inner Voyage

    Yes, they are. If you have purchased 21 Days of an Inner Voyage firstly, then there is no need to purchase this